Jaboukie Shows Off His Scorching Rap Chops On His New Single, ‘Rockwhyler’

Jaboukie is back on his rap sh*t. Following his debut single, the queer empowering “BBC,” the comedian, actor, writer, and now rapper has dropped a grating new track called “Rockwhyler.”

On the song, Jaboukie spits scorching rap bars over a bass-heavy, rock-influenced beat.

“Rottweiler, Givenchy / Beat got bite / Beat got teeth / Think that ho want a ring / F*ck that ho, I beat my meat.

Upon the song’s release, Jaboukie explained why he named the song “Rockwhyler.”

“Growing up I had two rottweilers, Juno and Athena,” said Jaboukie in a statement. “When my family walked them, we’d always get stopped by awestruck strangers asking, ‘Is that a ‘rockwhyler’?’ The pronunciation ‘rock-why-ler’ feels like home to me.”

When producing the song’s instrumental, Jaboukie intended to subvert the hypermasculinity within the hip-hop, punk rock, and dancehall sounds that influenced his music.

“My songwriting and song production processes usually occur in tandem,” he said of the song’s creation. “the distortion effect I used on the bass created a delay that sounded like a snarling dog, so I built everything else around that.”

In the song’s accompanying video, viewers can see distorted, kaleidoscopic visions of Jaboukie around on a basketball court, boarding a train, and running through a trail.

Check out the video for “Rockwhyler” above.