Jaboukie Young-White Shares His Raunchy Debut Rap Single, ‘BBC’

Comedian and actor Jaboukie Young-White is dabbling in the realm of music. And no, not just as producer Francois Boom from HBO Max’s hit series, Rap Sh!t. Today, he has released his debut single, “BBC.”

In this case, “BBC” may not stand for what you think it stands for. On the track, Jaboukie raps about his “bad b*tch coochie.”

“Tossin’ my salad like he toss a brewski / Got your man, ‘Oh my God, oh my God, J use me’ / D*ck game put him in a pew seat / Bad b*tch coochie,” he raps.

Jaboukie cut the groovy, dance-ready track in his apartment with the help of his brother.

“Bad b*tch coochie is a state of mind,” said Jaboukie in a statement. “I had a four on the floor kick, then my brother, Javeigh, laid a filthy, thumping bassline. I wanted the lyrics to reflect that cheeky and sleazy energy. I want this song to be a song you can’t help but dance to.”

In the song’s accompanying video, which also marks Jaboukie’s directorial debut, is seen strolling about town wearing a green suit, and also wearing a fuzzy sweater, thrusting and humping the air. The screen distorts throughout, creating a trippy, hypnotic effect.

Check out “BBC” above.