Jack White Was Electrifying In A Performance Of ‘Taking Me Back’ And ‘Fear Of The Dawn’ On ‘SNL’

Tonight marks the fifth time Jack White has appeared on Saturday Night Live, as well as that for this episode’s host, Woody Harrelson. In his first performance of the night, White performed “Taking Me Back” and “Fear Of The Dawn”

During the performance, White rocked out with an electric guitar and support from an equally pumped backing band. The stage was illuminated in shades of electric blue, matching White’s guitar. White jumped up and down and danced throughout the stage, maintaining his energy as “Taking Me Back” smoothly transitioned into “Fear Of The Down.”

The song comes from Fear Of The Dawn, the first of two albums White released last year. In an interview with Variety last year, White explained his decision to release two separate albums, explaining that he felt the songs he recorded didn’t seem to flow together well as he was trying to put together a singular, cohesive project.

“No matter how much I tried to make a sequence out of the songs, it just seemed like you were taking a Miles Davis record and putting it in the middle of an Iron Maiden record,” he said. “It had an ‘Oh, that’s interestingly jarring thing’ to it, but it wasn’t breathing or flowing.”

You can watch the performance above.