Jason Derulo Reveals A Hidden Talent For Opera And People Are Shocked

It’s kind of an unspoken open secret in pop music that a lot of our favorite singers are actually even more talented than they show. Since simpler, catchier songs tend to be more marketable and popular (thus making a lot more money), many singers with incredible vocal talent often constrain themselves to music they can sell rather than demonstrating their full gifts.

Some fans are getting a taste of this thanks to a TikTok video taken during a Jason Derulo show, as the “Wiggle” and “Swalla” singer demonstrated another facet of his musical gifts. In the video, the classically trained singer launches into an impressively barrel-chested rendition of his song “Goodbye” in the style of the Andrea Bocelli classic “Time To Say Goodbye,” which it samples. The camera swiftly pans over to a fan in the crowd whose jaw is doing its best to find the floor, while the caption explains that the audience was “FLABBERGASTED” by the pop star’s operatic vocals.

Naturally, the TikTok quickly made its way to Twitter, where fans did a 280-character written version of the shocked face of the girl on the TikTok. From having trouble reconciling the booming voice in the video with Derulo’s role in the mind-breakingly bad 2019 film version of Cats to being utterly floored by yet another hidden talent from the constantly surprising singer, fans couldn’t contain their amazement at Jason’s previously unacknowledged gift.