Jeff Rosenstock Announces His New Album ‘Hellmode’ And Shares The Cathartic Single And Video ‘Doubt’

Last month, indie rock royalty Jeff Rosenstock made his grand return with the energetic single “Liked U Better” and an announcement of a fall tour. Now, as many suspected, he’s back with even more to follow his ambitious 2021 album Ska Dream.

Rosenstock has announced his new album titled Hellmode will be arriving in September. “To me, the album feels like the chaos of being alive right now,” Rosenstock said in a statement. “We’re experiencing all these things at the same time that trigger our senses, and emotions that make us feel terrible. We’re just feeling way too much all at once!”

The single “Doubt” is out now. Though Rosenstock’s voice is resigned and the guitars are downtrodden, the words are motivational: “Speak / Even if it feels weird / Even if it feels weird to be yourself.” It comes with a music video of gorgeous animation, which makes the emotion of the music even more powerful. The track eventually bursts into an optimistic anthem, making for an impactful catharsis.

Listen to “Doubt” above.

Find the album artwork and tracklist below.

Jeff Rosenstock

1. “Will U Still U”
2. “Head”
3. “Liked U Better”
4. “Doubt”
5. “Future Is Dumb”
6. “Soft Living”
7. “Healmode”
8. “Life Admin”
9. “I Wanna Be Wrong”
10. “Graveyard Song”
11. “3 Summers”

Hellmode is out 9/7 on Polyvinyl. Find more information here.