JID Recalls A Wild Family Brawl In His Anxious ‘Bruddanem/Crack Sandwich’ Video

One of the better songs on JID’s third studio album, The Forever Story, gets a suitably twitchy music video. In “Bruddanem/Crack Sandwich,” JID reminisces about his wild days growing up with a family that did everything together — including getting in wild brawls in the street. The video contrasts the narrative JID relays in the song with another, anxious vignette in which a group of friends find their trap house raided by a SWAT team as they reflect on better, more optimistic alternatives.

JID, who is gearing up to go on tour with Smino in 2023, has put the spotlight squarely on his family and the social pressures that shaped them during the rollout for The Forever Story. While it’s the most obvious in the video for “Kody Blu 31,” which was partly inspired by his grandmother’s funeral, the social commentary threaded through the clips for “Dance Now” and “Money” tangientally touch on the survival situations he and his rambunctious siblings faced growing up in Atlanta.

His life now is a far cry from those rough-and-tumble days. Now he’s collaborating with Little Dragon and playing NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts, living up to his star potential and making his family proud.

Watch JID’s “Bruddanem/Crack Sandwich” video above.