JID’s Nostalgic ‘Money’ Video Takes A Tragic Turn

We all remember childhood as an idyllic time but maybe that’s because the adults around us protected us from the harsh realities of life. JID‘s new video for “Money” from his album The Forever Story realizes this duality through a nostalgic look at two brothers that turns tragic when viewed through the glare of hindsight.

As the two boys frolic in their unassuming bubble of childish irresponsibility, the world they inhabit is revealed to be a cold place. The fields and streets they play in are lined with litter, the toys they leave scattered across the floor of their home trip up their mom, who returns from an obviously messed-up night job, and the sandwiches they devour are slapped together from bread and bologna.

They can’t afford new sneakers when they make a trip to town after scrounging up just enough for train fare, and when they return, the eldest is unable to rouse their collapsed mother. The video ends on a haunting final shot of the boys being comforted by a social worker as their mom is loaded into an ambulance, her face covered by a white sheet.

The metaphorical depiction of the song’s themes is reminiscent of JID’s videos for “Kody Blu 31” and “Dance Now,” tying in the themes of the album.

Watch JID’s “Money” video above.

The Forever Story is out now on Dreamville/Interscope. Get it here.