Joyce Wrice Seeks Revenge In Her Feisty Video For ‘Iced Tea’ With Kaytranada

They say success is the best revenge, but for Joyce Wrice, it’s going to take a lot more than a hit single to avenge her past lovers and enemies. She much rather get it back in blood with cool sword tricks, cute outfits and surprisingly pressed hair for kicking butt all day.

Wrice is steadily riding the wave of releasing notably one of the best R&B projects last year, Overgrown. Even though she released “Iced Tea” with the help of production by Kaytranada back in March, her momentum hasn’t slowed down since.

Now, the fan favorite has a half-anime, half-motion picture set of visuals to accompany the groovy ditty. The visual is directed by Xavier Tera and creative-directed by Ashley Bone. It stars Wrice seamlessly blending aspects of her Japanese and Black cultures amid a dance number in the rain with a few other ladies. Dancing in the rain is a common R&B video theme that’s been missing in heartbreak videos of today. It’s great to see slip and slid efforts of Usher in “U Got It Bad” and Ray J’s “One Wish” acknowledged and cherished.

Dancing aside, anyone on Wrice’s revenge list should be very afraid. Peep the video above.