JP Saxe Tries To Suppress His Emotions About A Past Relationship On His New Song, ‘I Don’t Miss You’

JP Saxe dropped his new single, “I Don’t Miss You,” today. With some stacked production credits from Malay and co-songwriting/guitar from John Mayer, Saxe shows that he’s worth working with — taking listeners through his struggle to move on from a relationship.

“I can’t say that I expected / Just how many moments where we’d still be so connected / You sneak up on my imagination / And the worst possible situations,” he sings, later into the track. “And my conscience is flooded / But I don’t think much of it / It’s subconscious and sudden / So I don’t let it mean anything.”

Saxe tries to shut his emotions down, but routinely proves to be unsuccessful — and he’s described the song a similar way, through a press statement in Rolling Stone.

“‘I Don’t Miss You’ is me trying to lie to myself about my feelings — how I distract myself from them, how I compartmentalize them, and how I ultimately lose to them,” Saxe said about the song. “My guiding principle in my songwriting is ‘am I’m telling the truth’, so a song that’s lying to itself may seem a tad antithetical, but the truth is, trying to hide from how I feel about people is a common and futile adventure inside my head, and I’m excited for this song to bring people into that with me.”

Check out JP Saxe’s “I Don’t Miss You” above.