Juice Potter Stimulates Interest With Self-Titled Single “Potter”

New Jersey rapper and songwriter, Juice Potter, returns with “Potter,” following the 10-track record, Project Potter. The album, which was released in 2020, enlisted hit songs like “Sauce Pt.2,” “Project Pott,” “Count Up,” “Talk Is Cheap,” “Changed Up,” “Huskies,” and more.

“Potter” comes with an accompanying music video directed by Faseeh Bhatti. The Hip Hop track was mixed and mastered by Luchi Walli and recorded at the Heavy artillery studio. Revealing the inspiration behind the rap song, the fast-rising artist explains, “It’s just telling you my story. More or less. It’s telling you my story and you know, where I come from and what I had to go through and what I still go through currently.”

Juice Potter’s message is clear, “take that risk,” The young talent says, “whatever that risk is for you, whatever that means to you, take that risk.” He also focuses a lot on family and makes sure to hold on to people that really care about him, “you attract good and sometimes bad people, but the good ones keep those people close and uplift those people, empower those people, make life better for y’all.” 

He continues, “I feel like if I could do that, you could do that. If we could do that as a people, we’ll change the whole narrative for our people. But it starts with our family. It starts with you.” Potter pours those thoughts into his lyrics and raps, “Please protect the family from insanity/If I died at night I could change the future/ If I take the youth and guide ‘em right/ I’m still going through it/ Flame a wood and clear my mind at night.”

Adding the finishing touches to Potterville 2, Juice is currently working on arranging the tracklist and production of his upcoming EP. He also teased that there’s an R&B project in the making, which he intends to put out around Valentine’s Day. 

Watch the music video for “Potter” here: