Juice WRLD’s Engineer Max Lord Accuses Grade A Productions Of Making Death Threats Against Him

Although late Chicago rapper Juice WRLD’s catalog has proven to be quite lucrative since his passing (two posthumous albums with another in the works), not everyone is satisfied with the handling of his unfinished recordings. After Juice’s former girlfriend Ally Lotti insinuated that his legacy is being mishandled by his label, Grade A Productions, Juice’s former engineer-producer Max Lord also chimed in on Twitter to back up to show support for her and offer context.

According to Lord, Grade A co-founder George “G Money” Dickinson and Juice WRLD manager Peter Jideonwo — although he took care to exclude Juice’s mentor Lil Bibby from his accusations — have resorted to some unsavory methods to gain control of Juice’s music, even resorting to death threats against Lord. He accused them of using a Twitter account (which has been locked) to disrupt Juice’s fan community on social media while trying to strong-arm him into handing over recording equipment.

Tweets from the @chasemasta account on Twitter accuse Lord of taking “all Juice’s studio equipment when he died” and using his possession of the equipment as leverage over Grade A. Meanwhile, Lord says that the person behind @chasemasta was trying to set him up at the behest of Dickinson and Jideonwo.

“This @chasemasta kid is a pawn they let come hang out for a couple weeks to help disrupt the juice fan community to ensure every time you listen to Juice Wrld they get paid,” he wrote. “They want me out of their way, discredited, so they can continue to have their way. These open threats of violence against me from Grade A, posted on Chase’s Twitter, this stuff is absurd. They’re openly threatening to kill me. They’ve stolen firearms from me. They’ve threatened me with them. We’ve gotten in physical altercations because Juice didn’t like beats G Money tried to have him record on the day before he passed away, that he would profit from. With Ally coming [out] about these sorts of things, I owe it to her and Jarad to back her up here and speak out on this.”

Both men have denied Lord’s claims in the comments of an Instagram post recounting the drama.

Meanwhile, leaks from the third posthumous Juice WRLD album, The Party Never Ends, have threatened to put the kibosh on the whole project.