Justin Bieber And Don Toliver Want To Be ‘Honest’ On Their Bouncy New Single

Justin Bieber’s fans are always ready for him to release new music, and lately, the pop star has been switching between two main lanes — straight ahead pop that’s more reminiscent of his earlier days, and hip-hop leaning collaborations that reflect where the mainstream sound has gone now. His last album, Justice, might not have pleased everyone, but the hit single “Peaches” was an example of the latter sound, featuring both Daniel Caesar and Giveon and on the track.

For his latest single, Bieber is collaborating with Travis Scott’s protege, Don Toliver, for “Honest,” a song that sticks to the same subject matter that permeates most of his songs these days — how happy he is being married to his new wife, Hailey Bieber (nee Baldwin). In the video, the pair are out in snowy climes, rapping and singing in beautiful ski chalets, riding snowmobiles out into the wilderness, and even smoking a blunt together around a fire. Doesn’t that sound like a nice vacation? Bieber recently praised his collaborator in an interview with Apple Music.

“He just has this like little bop about him and he’s very unique, he’s very Houston,” Bieber said in an interview with Ebro Darden on Apple Music 1. “Shout out to Houston. I just love his melodies these are honestly insane. He has a really amazing cadence to his songs and his music. And I’m just a genuine fan. And he just is himself. And that’s what I love about any artist that can just has a lane and does what they do and does it well.” Bieber is in the middle of a massive tour, so this is likely just a one-off, but you never know. Check out the clip up top.