Kanye West Buying Parler Is Already Bad News For Trump’s Own Twitter Clone

Kanye West had a busy weekend. After coming under fire — and getting banned from Twitter and Instagram — after spewing anti-Semitic nonsense, he did what any self-respecting conservative does: He doubled down. (Oh, and he also spread some long ago debunked misinformation about George Floyd.) To cap it all off, he then announced he was buying Parler, the MAGA cesspool that’s certainly not to be confused with Gab, Gettr, Rumble or Truth Social, the latter owned by West’s favorite former president.

Speaking of, news of West buying Parler wasn’t so hot for Truth Social, or at least the company that helps keep its lights on. As per Forbes, on Monday, Trump Media and Technology Group saw its shares to tumble 8%, to $16.11. It’s more not-great news for the already scandal-plagued resort dweller, who’s already plenty busy with other headaches, including keeping his rinky-dink Twitter clone from losing all its cash.

It doesn’t appear West meant any harm. He even said he would join Truth Social, and invited Trump to join Parler when (or if) he takes over. But perhaps the two won’t be chatting any time soon. As per Rolling Stone, West ranting about going “Death Con 3 on Jewish People” was too much even for Trump, who is reportedly keeping his distance. For now.

In any case, it’s a reminder that there are so many far right social media Twitter alternatives that the bubble definitely isn’t in danger of bursting.

(Via Forbes)