Kanye West Is Now Peddling Bullsh*t Conspiracy Theories About George Floyd’s Death Being False

Against the better judgment of Revolt, Kanye West was invited to appear on Drink Champs last night. His appearance comes just after his ban from Instagram and Twitter after allegedly making anti-semitic comments. During his appearance, he addressed a myriad of topics, including the “white lives matter” shirt he wore during Paris Fashion Week and his recent appearance at the premiere of Candace Owens’ documentary.

The conservative commentator’s documentary, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd And The Rise of BLM questions the legitimacy of Black Lives Matter as an activist organization and implies that Floyd died as a result of drug use, and not at the hands of the police.

Ye spoke on the documentary and peddled a conspiracy theory about the narrative surrounding Floyd’s death was false.

“They hit him with the fentanyl,” Ye said. “If you look, the guy’s knee wasn’t even on his neck like that.”

Again, this is a complete horseshit right-wing conspiracy claim that was debunked in court.

He also bizarrely claimed that in the documentary, viewers see that Floyd’s nickname for his then-girlfriend was “Mama,” which Ye believes is the person Floyd was calling for at the time of his death.

It is worth noting that during his anti-BLM rant, Drink Champs hosts Nore and DJ EFN didn’t appear to counter Ye’s controversial stances.

You can watch a clip from the interview above (if you must). Here’s hoping people stop putting a microphone in front of this dude’s face soon.