Kanye West’s Divorce Attorney Steps Down From Representing Him In The Case Against Kim Kardashian

Apparently, it doesn’t matter how many “Super Dad” moments Kanye West is making sure get caught on camera because his divorce attorney just severed ties with the rapper. West’s lawyer Samantha Spector cited, “an irreconcilable breakdown in the attorney-client relationship,” in her withdrawal filings obtained by The Blast, which is some incredibly ironic language for a divorce attorney to take.

This marks the fourth lawyer that will now be representing West in the divorce proceedings against his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. In March, Ye switched up his legal counsel the day before the couple’s divorce hearing, firing Chris Melcher and replacing him with Spector, who previously served as the attorney for Dr. Dre’s ex-wife Michelle Young in their divorce. Now, the person listed in Spector’s documents as the new current representative for Mr. West is an out-of-state attorney from Pennsylvania, who isn’t even a divorce attorney.

While Kim and Kanye have worked hard to bring a sense of harmony to their relationship as parents moving forward, the divorce proceedings have been anything but harmonious. Kanye initially lobbied to have his social media posts kept out of the hearings (now why would he want that??) and has looked to employ loopholes to stall the proceedings altogether. And while Kim has said that she wants them to be the figure for “co-parenting goals,” in the latest episode of The Kardashians, she formally apologized to her family for her ex-husband’s antics.