Kaytranada Brought Out Kali Uchis And Aminé As Some Surprise Guests During His Coachella Set


Kaytranada played his Coachella set today, as it was being livestreamed from the outdoor stage. He also brought out a few surprise guests during his performance — keeping with the festival’s tradition of bringing some friends along.

Kali Uchis showed up so the two could deliver their collab, “10%,” after he teased a loop of her vocals on the song. Fans watching from their devices were instantly thrilled.

“I wake up, it’s so good to be me / In the mirror, it’s good to see me / I don’t check for these other b*tches / You can ask God ’cause that’s my witness,” she sang.

As the story goes, back in 2019, the pair had originally premiered the song (and their fourth collaboration) at Coachella, so this brings things full circle.

“Kaytranada brought Kali Uchis out! I’m gagged,” one fan wrote. “yooo kali coming out during kaytranada’s set doing 10% was something i needed today,” another added.

Later into the set, he also brought out Aminé, given the two have a joint album project, titled Kaytraminé, on the horizon.

Throughout the rest of Kaytranada’s show, he incorporated songs like Beyoncé’s “Cuff It” to heighten his trippy and energetic stage presence.

Check out clips from all of Kaytranada’s special guests during his set above.