Kelly Clarkson’s Covers ‘Free’ By Florence And The Machine Is Just As Epic As You’d Expect Of ‘Kellyoke’

If it hasn’t been declared yet, Kelly Clarkson is becoming the queen of musical covers. Her performance segment, Kellyoke, on her self-titled talk show, is constantly setting social media ablaze. In the past, the vocalist has delivered powerful covers of songs like “You Are A Tourist,” “In The Meantime,” “Stayaway,” and “Better Man.” But it is Clarkson’s latest cover of Florence and The Machine’s newer song, “Free,” that is receiving glowing praise.

The song was released last year. Appearing on the band’s fifth studio album Dance Fever, the track contains all the sonic elements music fans have come to love about the group, including their introspective lyrics such as the stanza, “I’m always running from something / I push it back, but it keeps on coming / And being clever never got me very far / Because it’s all in my head.”

Although Clarkson was sure to keep the essence of the track in tack for her cover, as always, she added a unique flair only she could. There’s no wonder why the former music competition show participant and returning NBC’s The Voice judge mentorship. Clarkson’s voice glides across the scales reaching the highest of high notes as she nearly tickles out a whistle note and the deep valleys of her soul.

Watch Clarkson’s full cover performance above.