Kelsey Plum Joked Darren Waller Got Traded Because They Didn’t Invite Josh McDaniels To Their Wedding


On Tuesday, the Las Vegas Raiders made a substantial move when they traded star tight end Darren Waller to the New York Giants for a third round pick in the upcoming Draft.

On the field, there figure to be big impacts for both teams, as Waller was among the best tight ends in the NFL when healthy and figured to be one of Jimmy Garoppolo’s favorite targets as he joins the Raiders — particularly considering Garoppolo’s fondness of George Kittle in San Francisco. Now, Waller will catch passes from Daniel Jones, as the Giants look to invest in putting weapons around their freshly extended QB.

Off the field, it forces Waller to move across the country less than two weeks after he tied the knot with Las Vegas Aces star Kelsey Plum, creating Vegas’ first sports power couple.

The wedding, which took place on March 4, was apparently not meant to become public news beforehand, but Josh McDaniels spoiled that by telling some members of the media about it at the NFL Combine, which left Waller nonplussed with his (now former) head coach.

As that became a talking point on Twitter on Tuesday, Plum offered up a joking (or maybe real) explanation for the trade, noting McDaniels was not among those to secure an invite to the wedding.

It’s a great response from Plum, who has surely spent the day trying to figure out how to navigate what will become a long-distance marriage once Waller goes off to camp with the Giants while the Aces play out their season. The good news is there isn’t a huge amount of overlap between the NFL and WNBA seasons, but having to move cross-country after the season and have two residences is certainly less ideal than staying in one place year-round.

In any case, McDaniels has secured his place off the Plum-Waller holiday card list with this move, as Vegas’ newest power couple will now have to split their time in the desert.