Kevin Abstract Reveals Title Of The Final Brockhampton Album And Confirms It’ll Be Out This Year

At the start of 2022, Brockhampton shocked the hip-hop world by cancelling their more than 40 tour dates for 2022 and announcing that the band was breaking up for a while. They played Coachella and a pair of London shows and then called it quits. “From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being on this journey with us,” a statement from the band read. “We would not be here without our fans. We hope we’ve been able to inspire you as much as you have these past eight years.”

But at that final Coachella performance, as Brockhampton was about to leave the stage, a message flashed on a video screen saying that a final Brockhampton album would be out in 2022. The band teased the album later that week with a trailer, but there hasn’t been a word about it since besides Merlyn Wood’s solo single and a track by the collective on the Minions soundtrack. Well, de facto leader Kevin Abstract just ended the silence in a major way. sharing the album title, No Cap, and confirming that the album will indeed be released in 2022. “BROCKHAMPTON ALBUM BEFORE YEAR IS OVER F*CK I AM EXCITED THANK U FOR BEING PATIENT,” he tweeted.

But Abstract also looked to be having a little fun. He tweeted out what he said was the No Cap album cover, but it’s a picture of him with the hair/hat airbrushed out saying, “Official Album Cover 4 Final Bh album.” Time will tell if it’s a gag or not; You never know.