Kid Cudi’s Album And Animated Netflix Series ‘Entergalactic’ Get A Release Date

Kid Cudi’s been promoting his cross-media project Entergalactic for some time now. First announced in 2019, the title applies to both a Netflix animated series and an album that will accompany it. While he released the first single from the album, “Do What I Want,” a week ago, the trailer for the series dropped a few days before. Meanwhile, in all that, we still had no idea when either was actually coming out. But now we do.

Cudi announced the shared release date, September 30, with a tweet featuring a short clip showing off the series’ unique animation style, as his character lights up a joint and blows a cloud of smoke into the air in the shape of the project’s title. The clip also plays a snippet of one of the songs that will presumably appear on the album.

In addition to Entergalactic, Cudi’s taken on a number of other film projects in varying capacities in the past few months, from an acting role in John Woo’s upcoming action thriller Silent Night to his first-ever directorial one for Teddy, a film Cudi wrote that is co-produced by Jay-Z. He’ll also appear in X co-star Brittany Snow’s directorial debut September 17th. Mr. Mescudi’s got a busy schedule ahead of him.

Watch the trailer for Entergalactic above.