Killer Mike Discusses Nas In A Clip From His ‘Ozark’ Cameo

Last summer, it was reported that Killer Mike would be making a cameo in the fourth (and final) season of Netflix’s Ozark, with Mike saying at the time, “I went from waiting to find out what happens next to being part of it… I’m excited.” Well, that fourth season is currently underway and now Netflix has shared a clip of the Run The Jewels rapper’s appearance.

(Warning: There are potential spoilers below.)

In the scene, Mike (playing himself) is approached by Ruth (Julia Garner) in a diner, who tells the rapper, “I just want to say I really love your sh*t.” After showing gratitude for the compliment, Mike asks what Ruth is playing in the one earbud in her ear. Mike grabs the headphones to listen to a few seconds of the song, Nas’ “NY State Of Mind.”

Ruth offers her interpretation of the 1994 track, saying, “It always feels to me like he hates it and misses it all at once, and he’s only f*cking 20.” Mike offers, “You know, when I listen to that record, his projects are in Queens, and you can kinda see Manhattan. And I’ve always thought it was so hopeful and f*cking cruel at the same time.”

Check out the Ozark clip above and revisit “NY State Of Mind” below.