Kodak Black Has Been Put On House Arrest For Violating His Probation With His Latest Drug Charges

Kodak Black won’t be going anywhere for a while after being arrested in Florida on drug possession and trafficking charges last week. XXL reports that the “Super Gremlin” rapper’s supervised release was revoked on Wednesday, July 20, and he’s been put on house arrest, where he’ll be electronically monitored and must undergo drug testing. He’ll also have to check in with a probation officer if/when he needs to perform and will have to petition the court to visit the studio (hopefully, he’s got a setup at home, or that could get tricky for him).

Kodak was pulled over for illegal tints in Fort Lauderdale on July 15, and officers found 31 Oxycodone pills in his truck — without a prescription. He was booked for possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and traffick in Oxycodone 14 less than 25 grams and paid $75,000 bond the following day. Kodak’s attorney later said that the rapper was prescribed the Oxy pills when he was shot in Los Angeles earlier this year and for the pain from injuries he allegedly received from prison guards during his stint in Big Sandy, Kentucky on gun possession charges.

Kodak had been released early thanks to outgoing Oval Office occupant Donald Trump in a last-ditch bid to court a favorable vote from a voting bloc he’d spent most of his administration doing his best to completely alienate, but if a judge decides that he’s violated his probation, he could end up back inside for far longer — this time, without the benefit of a mercenary politician looking to curry favor with “the Blacks.”