Kota The Friend Shares His ‘Father’s Day’ Video, Featuring Adorable Clips Of Him And His Son

Ahead of his upcoming album, Memo, Kota The Friend has dropped a new single called “Father’s Day,” just in time for the holiday. On the new song, Kota shouts out the fellow single fathers and raps about his love for his son.

“Every day gon’ have its bad moments,” Kota raps on the track, “And every day he gon’ be mad when I make him have his nap /He gon’ teach me how to dab / I’ma teach him how to rap / We just learning as we go / and we going with the flow.”

The song’s accompanying video shows several adorable clips of Kota spending time with his son.

In regards to Memo, fans can expect Kota to share moments equally as intimate and relatable throughout the album.

“My goal is to create an incredible body of work,” said Kota in a statement. “My life experiences are real and are the life experiences of hundreds of thousands, and in some cases even millions of people around the world. These experiences are not unique to me, but I have the unique opportunity to put these experiences into my music in a way that we can all relate. I want to say Happy Father’s Day to all fathers who are there for their kids, but who are still vilified and unappreciated. This song is for you.”

Check out “Father’s Day” above.

Memo is currently slated for release in July.