Krystal Klear shares 'Future Fantasy' video, directed by Gerd Janson

Featuring the work of German artist Arno Beck.

For the video for his track ‘Future Fantasy’, Krystal Klear has enlisted the many talents of Gerd Janson, who makes his directorial debut with the vaporwave-channeling transmission.

“To me, ‘Future Fantasy’ is dance music that sounds as if a 1980s club imagined its successor in 2020″, says Janson. “It wouldn’t sound out of place in any 1980s arcade sci-fi discotheque, at Tron parties, a drag race competition on Mars or in Gino Scoccio’s head while he recorded ‘The Visitors’.”

 “It is very much made with the tools of today and takes as many cues from the future as the past”, he continues. “That’s why I think that the art of Arno Beck goes so well with it. Analog traditions meet virtual reality.” German artist Arno Beck’s take on retro futurism features throughout the playful visual – you can check out his work here.

‘Future Fantasy’ is taken from Krystal Klear’s forthcoming EP Cyclia Two, which arrives on April 10, Running Back.

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