Kulør artists soundtrack David Stjernholm's video piece cph_warp

Astrid Sonne, Schacke and Lyra Valenza are among the artists who have contributed music for the video installation.

The latest project from Courtesy’s Kulør imprint sees some of Copenhagen’s most exciting producers providing the soundtrack for artist David Stjernholm’s new video work cph_warp.

Label mainstays like Schacke and DJ IBON join friends of the label Astrid Sonne, Lyra Valenza, SØS Gunver Ryberg and many others on an electronic score that moves from atmospheric synthscapes to vocal-based experiments and fractured, euphoric club constructions.

cph_warp, which was shown for the first time at the International Art Centre Copenhagen Contemporary last night (February 20), draws inspiration from trips to and from raves on public transport and manipulates footage taken of the Copenhagen metro using a “slit-scan” effect, twisting the forms of it’s commuters in strange and uncanny directions.

Kulør 006 is out now. Check out the compilation artwork and tracklist below.

Kulør artists soundtrack David Stjernholm's video piece cph_warp


01. Schacke – ‘The End Of Ecstacy’
02. SØS Gunver Ryberg – ‘Shapeshifter’
03. Sofie Birch – ‘Look’
04. Gel – ‘Scented’
05. Astrid Sonne – ‘Swirl’
06. Varnrable – ‘Cold Bright Hard Light’
07. Minais B – ‘To Levende Væsener’
08. Lyra Valenza – ‘Never Rest’
09. X & Yde – ‘Dares Soar’
10. DJ IBON – ‘Sorgpad’
11. Splash Pattern – ‘Os’

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