Ky Richy Owns Up To His Actions And Reveals His True Self In Latest Album No Sad Faces

Ky Richy dropped an energetic, empowering, and relatable album titled No Sad Faces a few months ago. Trying-out many different styles of music such as Indie, Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop-Rock, the multi-genre artist lays bare his authentic self and pours in some of his own personal experiences into the songs.

The 10-track record offers a smashing setlist that includes songs like “Crypto,”  “Change,” ft. Jay Delaine, “Confused,” ft. James Duer, “Feeling My Vibe,” in collaboration with BLXST, and “Slumped,” which is, according to Richy, one of the most meaningful songs from the LP. The talented rapper explains that this single sets the tone of the project and channels his inner drive and dedication towards his artistry. 

With lyrics like, “just give me my music, my wife, and my son”, Richy opens up that: “I don’t need to hide anything about my life for my music to ‘be cool’ or ‘fit in’. I am committed to finding a balance between my personal life and my career, and I showcase how refreshing it can be to put these situations out there and be passionate about it. Throughout my album, songs like “Confused,” “Home,” and “Closure” touch on those same elements such as the balance of my love life and my music / art.”

KY Richy’s discography has earned him well-deserved praise. The hardworking multi-instrumentalist is known for his technicality, virtuosity, and musicality. In 2018, he debuted Pink Cloud, followed by Switchblades and Roses in 2019, and Summer Nights After Quarantine in 2020. Garnering millions of views and streams with his most recent No Sad Faces, the multi-instrumentalist has toured around 13 US cities to promote the album.

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