Lauryn Hill Teases A Tour Ahead Of ‘Miseducation’s’ 25th Anniversary

Next year, Lauryn Hill‘s debut and only solo album, The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill turns 25. This past weekend, Hill performed several of the album’s tracks during a performance at ONE Musicfest in Atlanta, GA.

During her set, Hill teased an anniversary tour next year, where fans might be able to expect her to perform the album in its entirety.

“25 years on, so we gonna be back with those songs the way you can recognize them, aye?,” she said to the crowd.

To this day, Miseducation is one of the most revered hip-hop records of all time. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Hill revealed that while she does occasionally hear things on the album that she would’ve done differently, she feels the love and passion she put into Miseducation is undeniable.

I think my intention was simply to make something that made my foremothers and forefathers in music and social and political struggle know that someone received what they’d sacrificed to give us, and to let my peers know that we could walk in that truth, proudly and confidently. At that time, I felt like it was a duty or responsibility to do so. I saw the economic and educational gaps in black communities and although I was super young myself, I used that platform to help bridge those gaps and introduce concepts and information that “we” needed even if “we” didn’t know “we” wanted it yet. Of course I’m referring to the proverbial “we.” These things had an enormous value to me and I cherished them from a very young age.