LeBron James Comes Under Fire For Saying Tory Lanez ‘Never Misses’ On Twitter

Let’s face it: the average NBA fan would probably love to be able to dunk — especially on an all-time great like LeBron James. They’ll probably never be able to, though, so they’ll just have to settle for dunking on him on Twitter. That’s exactly what they’ve been doing for the past hour or so after the athletically gifted forward put his proverbial shoe in his mouth on the app. Long hailed as one of the NBA’s best rap critics — seriously, having one of your songs soundtracking an LBJ workout video is probably better than a million spent on promotion these days — ‘Bron’s latest music opinion about Tory Lanez has got him ducking flak instead.

Responding to an NBA podcaster’s assertion that “love him or hate him.. The Lanez Of Tory consistently makes damn good music,” LeBron agreed, “FACTS!!!! He never misses. That boy talented as hell man! Bangers for days!!”

lebron james tory lanez tweet

Oh. Oh no.

Look: We all know what he meant. But that there is just a very poor choice of words (RIP Heath!).

Tory Lanez, who until recently was best known as being a sort of budget Drake — his Chixtape mixtape series was a fan favorite, though — has become more infamous for allegedly shooting fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion in the back of her feet after an argument following a Hollywood party. He’s facing trial for assault in the coming months — provided he doesn’t request to have it pushed back yet again — and has been basically persona non grata to a large swath of hip-hop fans (naturally, he has his supporters, because mistreating women is just America’s default setting).

Bron, of course, was probably referring to Tory’s music but I shouldn’t have to explain why the diction there is just all kinds of awkward — and I don’t, because seemingly everyone on Twitter is already doing so. Here are just a few examples:

As a wise person once said: “Each day on Twitter there is one main character. The goal is to never be it.” LeBron appears to have fallen short today — but as they say, great shooters have short memories. Maybe he’ll have better luck tomorrow.