LeBron James Had A Hysterical Response To Austin Reaves Hitting Patrick Beverley With A ‘Too Small’


The Los Angeles Lakers exacted some revenge on two fronts in Chicago on Wednesday. The most important was picking up a 121-110 win against a Bulls team that beat them at home on Sunday, keeping themselves in good standing in the West play-in race.

The second part was getting Patrick Beverley back after he gave LeBron James a “too small” taunt on Sunday in the late fourth quarter. Instead of James returning the favor in Chicago, it was Austin Reaves who hit a jumper in the lane over Beverley and hit him with the same gesture, which had Anthony Davis cracking up on the court.

After the game, James was asked about his thoughts on Reaves getting back at Beverley for him, and James started with an earnest answer, noting it shows Reaves always has his back, before sending a little jab at his teammate for being a former Kobe stan and LeBron hater, saying he now forgives him for that.

Reaves’ old tweets about LeBron made the rounds when he joined the Lakers, as he was not shy about getting on his future teammate, and it’s pretty funny that LeBron has sat on that for two years before delivering a great line about them.