LeBron’s Teammates Won’t Stop Making Goat Noises While He Talks To The Media


The circumstances appear pretty swell for the Los Angeles Lakers these days. After opening the 2022-23 NBA season 2-10, they’re now seventh in the West at 41-38, half a game back of fifth and have clinched a spot in the Play-In Tournament, at worst. They’re 15-6 over their last 21 games.

Following the team’s thrilling 135-133 overtime victory against the Utah Jazz on Tuesday, LeBron James spoke with media in the locker room, at which point a swelling sound of goat noises intervened from the background in an ode to his status among the all-time greats. Apparently, this has become a post-game trend among James’ teammates and reached its current high-water mark Tuesday night.

While James didn’t seem rattled by the loud “bah” noises around him, reporters were a little less unfazed, at least briefly. The sly grin on James’ face as he prepares to answer a question indicates he gets a kick out of his teammates’ antics.

James and the Lakers return home to square off against the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday night. If they win that one and move into a tie for the No. 5 seed, those goat noises might top Tuesday’s decibel levels. There’s still much that can shift and change over the next half week, but spirits seem pretty bright for James and his teammates at the moment.