Lil Baby Apparently Took Care Of A Hairdresser By Paying ‘A Substantial Amount’ Of Money To Style Him And His Crew

A hairdresser shared a heartwarming story about rapper Lil Baby. While Baby was in the hairdresser’s city during his “One Of Them Ones” joint tour with Chris Brown, the “Stand On It” rapper apparently paid her a significant amount of money for styling him and his team.

“I had a lot of stuff going on and it’s been a rough two months,” said the hairdresser. “He took care of me. I literally just took care of his whole entourage, and they were so nice and so cool. He literally took care of me.”

When asked how he took care of her, she responded, “He paid me, and he paid me a substantial amount.”

She revealed she cut Baby and his crew’s hair, and while she did not disclose how much Baby paid her, he showed the interviewer her bank account from her phone. As she admitted, it had been a rough two months for her, however, she indicated that Baby was unaware of her financial troubles.

“He didn’t know any of it,” she said. “He was just being genuine.”

According to the hairdresser, Lil Baby began counting up cash and handed her a huge amount after she told him how many members of the crew she helped.

She revealed she plans to use the money to help purchase school clothes for her son, and to get caught up on bills.

You can watch the clip above.