Lil Baby Appeared On Vince Staples’ ‘East Point Prayer’ For Free Despite His Previous Feature Demands

Lil Baby boasted that he isn’t doing features for less than six figures, but it looks like he’ll make some exceptions. Despite tweeting in 2020 “it’s safe to say I want $100k for a feature,” he recently gave the homie discount to one rapper who came looking for a verse. According to Vince Staples, who popped up on LA radio host Big Boy’s show to discuss his new album, Lil Baby gave him a big break on his feature fee to appear on “East Point Prayer.”

“He did it for free,” he said. “And I don’t believe in asking nobody to do nothing for free. I believe in whatever you charge – you gotta feed your family, and he did it for free. And you already know, he can charge whatever he wants. It’s funny because I met him at a Motown thing. We was cool and we ain’t really talk like that. And I was like, ‘Lil Baby would sound good on this.’ And I was tryna get it so where we could talk about it. He said, ‘We don’t even have to talk, I’ma do it.’ He just went and did it … he looked out.”

Both artists are signed to Motown — Vince through Blacksmith Records and his manager Corey Smyth, and Lil Baby through Quality Control Music. Still, that Lil Baby would waive his exorbitant feature price for Vince shows a lot of respect between the two rappers — and the potential for future, possibly more lucrative collaborations.