Lil Baby Delivers A Fiery Funk Flex Freestyle Ahead Of His New Album, ‘It’s Only Me’

Ahead of his upcoming third album, It’s Only Me, Lil Baby paid a visit to the Hot 97 studios in New York City to deliver a freestyle on Funk Flex’s show.

Baby delivered flashy bars over a glimmery Wheezy beat, warming us up before the album arrives at midnight tonight.

“Cool lil sh*t / I’m digging her skin complexion, little do she know I’m next / Everybody around me ran up an M or better I don’t really never have to flex / Too much going on to be on my phone, for real / I don’t ever really have to text, when I call she gonna come through/ I’m the wall they gonna run to/ If I’m honest I’ll stun you,” he raps.

While Baby has contributed a hot string of features over the course of the past two years, he’s been hard at work this year on It’s Only Me, which is one of the year’s most anticipated albums. Once it’s out, he’s ready to return to making features, but inquiring collaborators should know, his price has gone up.

In a recent interview on Big Loon’s The Experience podcast, he explained that he now charges between $300,000 to $350,000 for a guest verse.

“I don’t even be doing features no more,” he said. “[I charge] like, $300,000, $350,000. But I ain’t been doing features lately. But if I know I ain’t putting out no album, or I ain’t got nothing going on, like, why not?”

Check out Lil Baby’s Funk Flex freestyle above.

It’s Only Me is out 10/14 via Quality Control and Motown. Pre-save it here.