Lil Baby Once Again Denied Dating Saweetie Amid Speculation He Has Beef With Quavo Over It

Lil Baby remains adamant that he never dated fellow rapper Saweetie — even with all the evidence seemingly pointing in that direction. In November of 2021, some fans noticed that an outfit that Baby posted on Facebook seemed to perfectly match that of an unidentified man Saweetie posted on her own social media. In a cleverly cropped photo, Saweetie sits on the man’s lap, turning over her shoulder to get a selfie in the mirror.

At the time, Baby responded to the rumors in a tweet reading, “Baby not dating NO ONE!! I’m Single!” However, Saweetie’s ex, Quavo, seemingly responded to the rumors as well, writing on Instagram, “Ain’t trippin we can swap it out.” Saweetie herself seemed to fuel the rumors as well with a new song, “Don’t Say Nothin’,” she teased at Rolling Loud.

Now, with the incident resurfacing due to some apparent lyrical references in both men’s recent musical releases, fans’ interest in learning the truth is higher than ever. Revolt’s Big Facts podcast will address the rumors head-on in an upcoming episode, and in a preview clip, the hosts ask Baby straight-up about whether it was him in the photo or not.

“Nah!” he replies. However, he seems to accept the situation philosophically, understanding that he could be in the headlines for other, less savory reasons.

Of course, fans will probably continue to speculate, as they have done since Quavo’s verse on “Messy” seemingly referred to a homie-hopping ex. Listeners decided the line in question was about Saweetie, which, according to the previous rumor, meant it must also be about Baby. Baby also seemingly replied to Quavo’s “swap it out” proposition on his own new song “Stand On It,” rhyming, “I don’t want your bitch, we can’t swap out.”

However, Baby has since denied that he has any beef with Migos or Quavo and neither has commented on the rumors directly. This looks like just another case of hip-hop fans wanting to see some drama.

Saweetie is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.