Lil Durk Dismisses Drake And J. Cole On The Basketball Court After Getting The LeBron James Co-Sign

Lil Durk has had a highly successful last few years and his confidence matches the accolades. While his mettle in music isn’t to be denied, his skills on the basketball court are also well-documented as well. After an April episode of The Shop on HBO, he received one of the biggest co-signs any non-professional basketball player can receive in the form of praise from LeBron James. “Lil Durk can hoop,” King James said. “He can hoop for real. Man, he [at] Lifetime hooping. He got a f****** cannon, too. He got a peel, and he look like a mothaf*cker that can [ball].”

TMZ had a second to speak with “The Voice” at LAX this past Wednesday (June 15) and Durk took it a step further by calling out two of the most prominent figures in his primary sport, who also have an affinity for basketball themselves: three-time SBL champion Drake and new professional hooper J. Cole.

“[Drake’s] my dog, but he ain’t gon’ play us though,” the “Refugee” rapper said. “[LeBron] knows I’m the best ever. Tell your f*cking children.” He had similar energy for Cole. “I know I can, I just told you that I’m the best ever,” he affirmed. “[That’s] my boy, but I’d dunk that sh*t on [J. Cole].” Time will tell if these matchups will ever occur, but Lil Durk doesn’t seem too worried about how they will go.

Check out Durk’s boastful comments to TMZ above.