Lil Durk Explained Why He Won’t Drop Names In His Music Anymore

The past two years have been huge for Chicago rapper Lil Durk. His 7220 album, which dropped back in March, generated several gold and platinum singles, including, “Pissed Me Off,” “Ahhh Ha,” and “Broadway Girls.” This time has also been rife with tragedy, as he lost his older brother, Dontay Banks Jr., back in June of 2021, to gun violence.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Durk revealed that he is aiming to put an end to gun violence in Chicago.

He said that he is still grappling with the death of his brother, as well as rapper King Von, who died the year prior to gun violence as well. Because of this, he has decided to change his approach to making music, as not to instigate conflict or any sort of violence.

“That’s why I’m not saying names no more [in my music],” he added. “I ain’t speaking on the dead no more — none of that.”

As the rapper’s star continues to rise, he wants to create a better life for himself and his six children, and to ensure the health and wellness of his family.

“I’m not chasing death no more,” Durk said. “I’m chasing a billion dollars. I want our kids to grow up safe and sound, to be able to have fun, to have a real life.”