Lil Durk Joins Southside For The Revelatory ‘Save Me’ Video

Despite major success over the years, Lil Durk is constantly reminded of his realities, whether it be his hometown or the nature of the music industry. He has seen much loss despite the many wins and bears his soul on “Save Me” in collaboration with the super producer Southside.

The two are iced out, rapping along to the somber record as the video depicts broken-down neighborhoods and people who don’t have much. The Chicago rapper has a laundry list full of experiences and traumas that he conveys an air of pessimism, questioning how anyone can save him. Durk maintains a straight expression throughout the video as well, fully conveying its earnest nature.

For Southside, “Save Me” follows the April single “Hold That Heat” featuring Future and Travis Scott. The Atlanta native is gearing up for an 808 Mafia compilation album set to release later this year before he officially retires, and he has certainly come out the gate strong. Lil Durk is still on a strong run, recently sharing the 7220 (Deluxe) and one of the regular choices for a necessary guest appearance in the 2020s.

The only thing left to figure out is who will Southside link up with next.

Check out “Save Me” above.