Lil Nas X Appointed Himself The New CEO Of Twitter And Says Users Can Keep Their Accounts With A Few Caveats

Things are getting wild over at Twitter since Elon Musk bought the company for $44 billion last month. Everyone is up in arms over new terms of service in regards to verified accounts, let alone how much money you’ll have to pay to maintain your blue checkmarks. Just last night, Doja Cat realized that she can’t change her display name anymore and might be known as Christmas “forever” on the platform. She begged Musk to help her out and he responded, but as of press time, Doja Cat’s display name is still “Christmas.” Well never fear Doja, cause there’s a new sheriff in town: Lil Nas X.

Earlier this afternoon, Lil Nas X appointed himself as the new CEO of Twitter…in a tweet (because how else does one usurp Elon Musk?) “As of today at 5:30pm est. i will be relieving Mr. Musk of all duties and taking position as ceo of Twitter HQ,” Lil Nas X said in a parody post (it’s a parody…you’re supposed to say that or else Elon Musk will kill your account.) But let’s live in this dreamworld that Lil Nas X just created for us. He’s even taken the liberty of laying out some new ground rules and if you don’t abide by them, you won’t have an account anymore. “Only users who agree that i am cute, fun, and petite will be allowed to keep their accounts. effective immediately,” he added.

For now, we’re stuck with our current reality, but this writer can dream: