Lil Nas X Shares A Risqué Video Of His Halloween Costume As The Viral ‘Munch’ Rapper Ice Spice

Lil Nas X is always at the center of attention, whether that’s because of his world-dominating hits or his provocative social media presence. So of course he would go big for his Halloween costume, which is Ice Spice from her iconic “Munch” music video.

The outfit is identical: A green tube top and frayed denim shorts. But the hair and acrylic nails show true dedication. And where better to do a photoshoot of the costume than in a gas station?

While these pictures went viral, the TikTok was even more attention-grabbing. He lip-syncs and dances along to the song, definitely testing the limits of the short shorts, which many people point out in the comments and praise him for his unhinged bravery.

This all follows the rapper’s other amusing and very viral Twitter moment: when he posted a photo with Will Ferrel. A fan in the replies pointed out, “where is Will’s hand?” Lil Nas X replied, “he couldn’t resist getting a good hand full of this big fat ass. and i couldn’t say no tbh.” He then followed that up with a meme and the caption: “omg if he see this he gone delete old town road from his spotify.”