Lil Wayne And Mark Cuban Appeared To Squash Their Beef Courtside At The Mavericks’ Game 2 Playoff Game

Last night’s Western Conference finals Game 2 was mostly memorable for the Warriors coming back from a 19-point deficit to beat the Mavericks and take a commanding 2-0 lead in the series as it heads back to Dallas. But while Kevon Looney was having the game of his life and Steph Curry and company were surgically picking apart the Mavs in the second half, Dallas owner Mark Cuban and Lil Wayne were settling a score themselves courtside.

Ahead of Game 1, a very messy Twitter beef between Cuban and Lil Wayne bubbled over with Weezy telling Cuban, “Mark Cuban don’t make me get u smacked boy U playin w me?? I will piss in ya fkn mouth ho.” Gross, right? This all stemmed from Cuban coming to Luka Doncic’s defense eight days after Weezy tweeted “Luka a ho.” At any rate, it seemed as though things were patched up between the pair last night at Game 2 in San Francisco. Lil Wayne and his son were sitting courtside and Cuban came up to fraternize with the pair, even giving err… lil Lil Wayne a high five.

And according to unofficial Lil Wayne beat reporter Skip Bayless (I know, this doesn’t make sense to anyone), Cuban was the one who invited Tunechi and his boy (whose name is actually Kam) to the game.

So it seems as though this short-lived beef has ended with nobody peeing in anyone else’s mouth. Thank God. But the chances of the pair celebrating a Championship together again took a big hit.