Lil Wayne Smoked 15 Blunts When He Was In The Studio With Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly’s new Hulu documentary Life In Pink came out yesterday, which tells the story of his pivot to pop punk. Possibly the most interesting part of the whole thing is his recollection of collaborating with Lil Wayne for “Drug Dealer,” and the way the iconic rapper smoked 15 blunts.

“I pressed play on the song, he’s like, ‘Is that what we’re doing?’” MGK recalled. “‘Yeah.’ He’s like, ‘Alright. You guys got time?’ ‘Yeah, for sure.’ He goes in the courtyard, smokes 15 blunts. He just takes each, his eyes are closed just playing the track over and over again. He comes back in the studio and we can see him in the courtyard. We’re just kind of sitting there amazed, like that’s the GOAT forming his thoughts around a track that we made.”

He continued, “He comes back in at 5:30 in the morning. He’s like, ‘Y’all ready?’ He goes in the booth and he lays his sh*t like, one time. It’s just like, one time.”

Kelly previously told a similar story about working with Wayne, minus the details about blunts.

Apparently MGK’s flirtation with pop punk is coming to an end for now, because a couple of months ago he said he’ll be returning to rap music. “I’m going to make a rap album for myself, for no other reason, no point to prove, no chip on my shoulder,” he said in an interview.