Linda Hamilton Will Bring Her Talents To ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5 As A New Cast Member


Filming on season five of Stranger Things has yet to resume but fans were given some good news about their favorite sci-fi series during Netflix’s TUDUM event: Linda Hamilton is joining the cast.

The show is currently on hiatus due to the writer’s strike with the Duffer brothers committed to standing in solidarity with the WGA while they fight for better wages and fair working conditions. The creators tweeted out their support of the strike when they delivered an update on season five’s timeline last month.

But it sounds like the pair haven’t just been snacking on pineapple pizza and playing Dungeons and Dragons during the break. They’ve been adding some ’80s action heavyweights to the final season’s lineup. The Terminator star is joining the show in an as-of-now undisclosed role. When season four ended, Vecna had been temporarily defeated but not before he managed to open another gate, ensuring The Upside Down could invade the town of Hawkins. Max was in a coma, healing from her near-death encounter with Dr. Brenner’s villainous “offspring” and the rest of the group was left to wonder when and where Vecna might pop up next. Now that the supernatural has made itself known to the residents of the town, there’s a good chance even more government agents will be flooding the streets so perhaps Hamilton will play one.

Where’s Eleven’s psychic abilities when you need them?