“Lo’ Prieto” Artist Luigui Bleand Teases New Single From Anticipated LP Pandora

Known for his recent hits, “Besame La Boca” with Baby Blue and “Lo’ Prieto” with Musicologo The Libro, Dominican-Haitian singer-songwriter and producer Luigui Bleand, continues to create anticipation for his upcoming album Pandora. The fast-rising artist confirmed that he will be releasing a preview from the record in February.

“We already managed to make a selection of the songs and very soon we’re going to release one of them called “Copa Cabana,” said Luigui Bleand in a recent interview. Luis Alfredo Silverio Esmanier admits that the most exciting thing about creating music is “the challenge of creating it and the challenge is that you don’t know how the public is going to react to this new challenge, but it is exciting because you are going for something that is not at the forefront or trend.”

Inspired by Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, Dr. Dre, 2Pac, Daddy Yankee, and Tego Calderón, Bleand reveals: “There are certain artists who have helped me. There is a very important one that gave me the central idea for the creation of this record called: Chase Bryant, who is a monster in Pop Funk.”

Incorporating Pop Funk, Pop Disco, Hip Hop, Rap, Trap, Trap Disco, Reggae and many other different genres, Luigui Bleand’s Pandora will certainly be a turning point for the singer. In addition to new music, the “Lo’ Prieto” artist is also working on a new documentary feature led by Yanirma Reynoso. 

Watch the official music video for “Lo’ Prieto” on YouTube:

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