Loe Shimmy Rouses Crowds With Latest Rap Single “Wake Em up”

It wasn’t long ago that the Young Hip Hop talent, Loe Shimmy, dropped the music video for his Gangsta Rap track “Wake Em up.” Directed by Killerjack and produced by Lamar Jackson Entertainment, the single has already garnered thousands of views, further expanding the artist’s already successful career.  

Following “Not the same” and “On the Run,” the clip has a cameo from the NFL player Lamar Jackson, who is one of the most active supporters of the rapper. Shimmy, with the help of his creative team, contributed to the overall idea of the video that flawlessly reenacts life on the streets. 

Loe Shimmy explains that “Wake Em Up” is about “a young hustler from the hood that finally got a voice, that’s in that Loemode, trying to wake the world up.” The Florida native transmits that hardcore attitude via the lyrics: “You can’t tell me nun bout spinning Bins and selling bowls you rooky get tf up out my trap if you ain’t breaking down or cooking you gone See the aftermath when shimmy up rip this ughh up an rip this fully up and rip this fully smack him thinking he a bully yea I hit the booth and rap but ima trapper fully.”

Collaborating with renowned artists like Kodak Black on “Bounty,”  Loe Shimmy continues to leave his mark in the industry, especially with the latest releases “Wake Em up” and the 10-track album Z End.

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