Logan Paul Blasts Bad Bunny For Allegedly ‘Taking Advantage’ Of Puerto Rican Tax Laws

Logan Paul has accused Bad Bunny of potentially exploiting Puerto Rico’s tax laws, during his recent appearance on Philip DeFranco’s YouTube show. Paul, who currently takes advantage of the country’s Act 22 program to own propety, claims Bad Bunny uses the same tax program. (Bad Bunny recently released a documentary about Puerto Rico’s gentrification, which expresses negativity on foreigners using Act 22 to purchase cheap housing in the country.)

“Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican living in Puerto Rico who is privately taking advantage of the same tax program that he is publicly condemning,” Paul said. “I know this and I see things like this and it hurts. There are local Puerto Ricans who know about this. I see this music video that has stuck me in the middle of it surround by context that makes me look like a vulture in Puerto Rico. While I love Bad Bunny, I cannot personally support the hypocritical nature of his exploitation.”

Following his comments on Bad Bunny, Paul pledged to donate back to the local community with funds he’s saved through using the program, although his official donation amount is currently disclosed.

“We’re doing what we can to help,” Paul continued. “And I want to do more as well. And truthfully, I should be doing more.”

Still, those who viewed Paul’s reaction to Puerto Rico and Act 22 had different reactions. “I feel like Logan doesn’t get that what the community wants is not money,” one commenter wrote. “To understand what you have to do to make up for the damage you have done, you have to understand what exactly is the damage in the first place. People are angry because they are being moved out of their homes and their spaces, not becuase you are not paying enough out of your own wallet.”

Watch Logan Paul’s comments on Bad Bunny and Act 22 above.