Ludacris Gifted Himself A Private Jet As A Graduation Present And It’s Tricked Out

How much money does Ludacris have exactly? Enough to gift himself a private jet, apparently. The rapper/actor/entrepreneur recently received an honorary Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Music Management from Georgia State University. The Fast And The Furious star attended the school for two years before dropping out to sign with Def Jam pursue a rap career, and let’s just say that it worked out for him well. “Mama, I made it,” he exclaimed addressing 900 fellow graduates at the university’s ceremony. Good for him, but about this jet…

In an Instagram video, Ludacris showed the outside of the plane, which looks like nothing short of a stretch limo with wings. He walks up the steps of the black jet and shows the cream-colored all leather interior. Wearing a blue Georgia State Panthers shirt, Luda was clearly elated as he panned through the jet’s inside and sang the lyrics from the The Jeffersons theme song: “Well we’re movin’ on up, to the east side! To a deluxe apartment in the sky!” The song really takes on a new meaning when it’s about a private jet instead of a high-rise apartment and Luda broke out in laughter when that dawned on him.

At any rate, let this be a lesson kids: If you drop out of college to pursue rap super-stardom, a private jet could be waiting for you 25 years down the line — as long as you’re talented.