Mase Responded To Diddy Calling Him A ‘Fake Pastor’ And Saying He Owes Him $3 Million

Earlier this week, Diddy sent the latest jab in the long-running, passive-aggressive friendship/feud between himself and Mase, calling the “Feel So Good” rapper a “fake pastor” and claiming that Mase still owes him $3 million. Appearing on The Breakfast Club, Diddy appeared to take issue with all the artists who’ve accused him of withholding royalties over the years — especially Mase, who has been one of the most vocal former Bad Boy artists regarding his money issues. “Anybody that thinks I owe them something, show me the receipt and you’ll get paid within 24 hours,” he said.

It didn’t take long for Mase to address the comments. After seeing the interview, he posted a video on Instagram (from TikTok) snickering about the outburst and attributing it to Mase recently denying Diddy the opportunity to join him onstage during his 3 Headed Monster Tour with Cam’ron and Jadakiss. “Yo, you see how people act when you don’t let them come on stage and give they fake apology, so they can promote they little wack song,” he said.

Later, he followed up with another audio post addressing Diddy’s comments more specifically and getting personal, citing Diddy’s mom Janice Combs and saying “everything is in your mother name.” “How dare this n**** talk about receipts,” he sneered. “Let’s start with your mother, n****. your mother got the receipts. Everything is in your mother name.” He also pointed out how many of the artists who’d be mostly likely to back him up in this argument aren’t around anymore to do so. “Biggie ain’t here so Big can’t give you no receipts, he dead,” Mase said. “Craig Mack can’t give you no receipts, he dead. Black Rob can’t give you receipts, he dead. And everybody else, you made sign paperwork so they can’t talk about what I’m talking about. I’m the only one with the guts to not sign it, ‘cuz I ain’t need the money. All money ain’t good money, remember that.”

We’ll see what Diddy comes back with, but it seems like they might well be building up to that onstage reconciliation. Time will tell.