Maxo Kream Salutes The Roc-A-Fella Records Dynasty With ‘Jigga Dame’

Maxo Kream’s new album Weight Of The World is only six months old, but he’s already back to the grind with a brand new single, “Jigga Dame.” As suggested by the song’s title, Maxo’s stutter-stepping raps detail his admiration for the Roc Roc-A-Fella Records dynasty. “Me and Jigga talk figures he give me game,” he boasts, “Me and my n****s split millions like Jigga Dame.”

The Houston rapper’s last album dropped two years after its predecessor, Brandon Banks, but it looks like Maxo isn’t waiting another two years to drop his next one. “I’m bacc in Trigga Maxo Mode,” he declared on Twitter, suggesting that he’s looking to keep up the stream of new music after such a long hiatus between his last two albums.

Meanwhile, he put that previous break to good use, building relationships throughout the rap game that led to one of his most collaborative projects yet. Some of the guests on Weight Of The World included Tyler The Creator, who also directed the video for “Big Persona,” Wale and Yella Beezy, who appeared on “Down South,” and ASAP Rocky, who contributed a verse to “Streets Alone.” If he does follow up “Jigga Dame” soon, it’ll be fun to see how he builds on that momentum.

Listen to Maxo Kream’s “Jigga Dame” above.