McDonald’s Unveils Custom 1970 Plymouth Barracuda: The Burgercuda


McDonald’s has introduced a revamped lineup of its classic burgers, said to be its “hottest, juiciest and tastiest classic burgers ever.” The news, however, has caught the attention of the chain’s iconic mascot, the Hamburglar, who with his custom 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, the “Burgercudea,” is on a mission to steal these new burgers.

The notorious burger thief has set out on a coast-to-coast spree and spotting him and his Burgercudea comes with rewards, including a chance to win free McDonald’s burgers for a year. Notably, the Burgercuda is decked out in the character’s signature black-and-white stripes, red accents and features a variety of burger-themed modifications.

Other notable details of the vehicle include “McDonald’s” branding at the grill of the car, an “RBL RBL” license plate in red letters, a burger heating center console, a Micky D’s yellow shift knob and a McDonald’s Arch logo embossed on the steering wheel.

Various rewards for spotting the Burgercuda include an Arch Card, Hamburglar-inspired merch and the grand prize of free burgers for a year.

“McDonald’s built a legacy on serving delicious burgers, but anytime we have an opportunity to make the best even better, we take it,” said Tariq Hassan, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at McDonald’s, adding “It’s no surprise these changes caught the attention of our biggest burger fan – the Hamburglar. We’re excited for fans to join in on the fun as they look for him on his burger-stealing spree. You never know where he’ll pop up next.”

Interested participants can enter by either scanning the QR code on the Hamburglar’s vehicle or by visiting the dedicated sweepstakes site and have until February 25 to enter.

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