Me, Myself & I

Can I jump back and kiss myself like James Brown one time? I’m on the Blogspot and I’m feelin’ myself, if your musical taste is lookin’ bad then my Audiomack playlists are here to help. Here’s a round-up of my best Born To Audiomack playlists of 2022. Let’s go deep into this Rap shit:

First there’s Edan Deep Cuts which is a buncha songs taken from his 12″ and 7″ singles. Big fan of how Edan created his own little musical universe by combining Percee P’s Lung Collapsing Lyrics with the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique.

Then there’s The Best of Seiji Oda which collated sixteen songs he’d dropped over the past two years before anyone on the Rap Internet was paying attention. Seiji’s music has been a cool breeze of fresh air for me in this current era of Yaseo The Ruler boring NorCal Rap.

There’s Eatem’s Greatest Pressure which is a compilation of his best singles from 2016 to 2022. I like to think of Eatem as Baton Rouge’s equivalent of Duke Deuce.

Then there’s N.Y Twelves Quinary Of Quality which consists of five personal classic 12″ songs by Phil Blunts, Consequence, Blahzay Blahzay, B-1 & Large Professor, and Ayatollah with Rakim.

There’s Nef The Pharoah’s Quinary Of Quality which is my top five songs by him from the past two years. I’m still a big fan of his Thizz Khalifa sound when he gets it right.

Then there’s Mac Dre & Khayree’s 1996 – 1998 Sure Slaps which collects the best songs they recorded during that period before they fell out. Probably the best playlist of the bunch because Dre & Khayree were one of the greatest rapper/producer combinations of the 1990s.

There’s 2022 Club-Rap Quinary Of Quality featuring songs by 2Rare, Asian Doll & Bandmanrill, D4M $loan, Kenzo B, and Cookiee Kawaii. 110 BPM the minimum here.

And then finally there’s the 2022 NorCal Quinary Of Quality featuring songs by Young Jr, Ezale, P-Lo & Larry June, Stunnaman02 & Lil’ Kayla, and A-Wax.

Oh yeah, I also used the Good Combination™ of Blogspot & Audiomack to upload a couple of songs which weren’t streamable anywhere online: Stezo & Dooley-O’s EPMD dis Piece Of The Pie and Big Scoob’s indie classic Kryptonite. Cheers to Plug Step Won for the MP3 hook up on the latter song.